Honeywell Pentax SP1000

There are a lot of reviews about the Pentax SP1000 online, so I do not think I will write another one. I will tell you my thoughts and initial reactions to the camera and my experience using it.

A friend told me she had a camera she bought her husband several years ago, while she was working on her Phd. He was going to take a class and learn how to use it but never did. They have both moved on from the idea of becoming photographers. Typically, when someone says “I have an old_____, do you want it?” it’s usually not anything amazing but I almost always say yes. I grew up working on Vespas, Lambretta, Yamaha and a collection of other old two-stroke motorcycles, you never know what someone has hidden in their garage.

I did not expect to be handed such a clean, well taken care of, SLR.  I started researching the camera as soon as I could. I have never heard of the Honeywell or the SP, like most people, I was much more familiar with the K1000. But, I typically get more excited about a camera if I do not know much about it. I will say, this is the first time I’ve seen a threaded lens but after some research, it is not as uncommon as I thought.

I put a roll of Fuji Film 400 Pro in and took the camera out for a test run.


One of my favorite shots from the roll, it is a close up of a 3D model of an atom. There are some pictures that I wonder if they would be better if they were shot with my more modern digital SLR but I like the texture and the grain. It adds a little, something something.


I try to get a shot of my favorite bookstore whenever I am checking out a new camera, it’s a good point of reference. If you are in the Salt Lake City area, checkout Ken Saunders Rare and Used Books, it’s worth the trip. I like that there are so many colors, shapes, and levels of depth.

The camera really does its best when shooting portraits.


An outdoor cat at my wife’s work. It was friendly and curious until the shutter scared her away.


My favorite shot of the roll. My wife, Avery, after a haircut.


Grey Dog is Lavender Vinyl’s big eared test listener. She is available to pets and photos.

I think the Pentax will become become my go-to SLR for the summer. I’m liking the size and usability, and the lens is clean and clear. So, there will be more to come.


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