I finally developed a role of film that I ran through the Rolleiflex last summer. It is a 1950s model. It is a little more refined than the Yashica, it has the capability to use a trigger release and a flash. I have enjoyed using the Rollei but I need to run a few more roles of film through it to have a real opinion about the camera.

But…here are some photos.

This is a shot of the flowers at the International Peace Gardens in Slat Lake City, Utah. I like how clear the lens is and the dynamic range of the film. The Kodak Portra 400 and the Rollei make a nice combination.


Another shot of the Peace Gardens. This one is from the Japanese section of the gardens. I have looked into hoods now that I have seen what direct sunlight will do to film. But I don’t think the over-exposed spot looks that bad. Also, the original shot was crooked, so I straitened it out. 594010010003

The shot below is from a car “museum” in Salt Lake City. My friend and I happened upon this guy while walking around taking pictures. He does not own the museum but opens it for his friend, with his two large pitbulls. Him and the dogs seemed nice enough but we moved on after a couple of minutes talking.


And, one of just the cars. He does have a nice collection.


The last shot is of a busy Salt Lake City crosswalk. Notice my friend Erik with his own Rolleiflex.


I will update as soon as I have time to run more film through. I will be graduating grad-school in August, so hopefully I will have more time and money for film.





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