Pic-a-day 2017

I agreed to do a picture a day competition for 2017 with my wife, Avery. I haven’t been doing a great job posting a picture everyday but I have been trying to catch-up.

The first shot is cozy, Dori is a cozy circle of fluff


01/12/17 – Black and White, at my favorite cafe.


01/13/17 – A Beautiful Sight, green plans are always a beautiful sight, especially in January.


1/14/17 – Dream – Looking for something to get rid of the grogginess, dreamland brain.


1/15/17 -Ice – The ice is receding, could we have an early spring? At Farmington Bay, Utah.


01/16/17 – Someone You Love – I’m a few days into the picaday thing and I’m already cheating. I am suppose to take a picture everyday but I took this yesterday and the picture is supposed to be of one person but I love these three.


1/17/17 –  I hear – I hear construction noise in the library.


1/18/17 – Wednesday: C is for…Cereal. Yeti cereal. A yeti with a Vespa cereal. Yeti’s are cool. They are probably vegetarians and they drive around on Vespas and say things like “chow.”


1/20/17 – I skipped yesterday’s photo. It was contentment and I’m not feeling very content. So, today is something big. I took the big train to the big university where I have been working on some big plans. And the sun came out for a few minutes.


1/21/17 – Today’s challenge – sleep. I still have plenty of writing to get done. But if there is anything that can induce sleep, it’s New Public Management theory.


1/22/17 – The snow is piling up so we made a party of snow people. I was suppose to zoom in but the picture is better when the whole scene is visible.


1/23/17 – Frosty – and we have another snowstorm. Full disclosure, I was at a full stop when I took this picture.


I am a few days behind, I’m going out today to take some pictures. I’ll update everyone soon.



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