Farmington Bay

We have had a few days without without much snow, so we took the opportunity to get out of the house.

We visited Farmington Bay. It was cold but pretty, lots of birds and not many people.

The colors and textures of the ice and mud is interesting. I like the snow on the top and the red mud poking up through the ice.


The ice in the delta is receding. The mixture of dark moving water mixes with the muddy water as it defrosts, it makes for a lot of depth in the water, it is hard to tell how deep the water is.


The shoreline had so much mud and melted ice flowing through it made the water look like a dark stormy sky, the multicolored mud looked like clouds moving toward the coast.


This was my first time visiting Farmington Bay. I will have to go back better prepared to photograph the birds and wildlife.


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