Dorienne the cat is my favorite, non human, photography subject. She is a maine coon but not full bred, she is a rescue and small, which makes me think she’s part tabby. She is great. I have a lot of pictures of her.

But she isn’t the easiest cat to photograph, she’s incredibly fluffy, so light can make her look great or unkempt. If she hasn’t been brushed in a few days, it’s noticeable. And she does not like the light sensor on my dslr, she prefers older film cameras that do not shine a light in her face.

This shot was taken in our old apartment. It was one of the first shots when I bought my Nikon.


Same apartment with the same camera, trying to figure out lighting. She needs to be brushed.



I have been trying to get a close up shot of the little black spots on her nose but it has been slow going.


A shot taken with my Yashica-Mat with Ilford 3200 film. I love the texture and graininess of the film.


My most current picture. I bought a flash and have been practicing/figuring out lighting. She is a patient subject.


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