I moved to Ogden, UT from the Bay Area in 2010. It is quaint picturesque little town. I have been able to learn most of what I know about photography partly because of the close proximity to the mountains and tree lined streets.



Ogden has some urban-esc areas that have been run down after years of railroad job loss.




I have grown as a photographer and have been able to revisit places as my skill level has changed. But Ogden is also changing. When I go back to take photographs with a different camera, something has been moved, torn down, or painted over. It is hard to complain about the city getting new life and getting cleaned up. I hope the “cleaning up” process does not push people out of the city.



The top picture is from 2013 of Willie Moore, the owner of Moore’s Barber Shop. His wife passed away and he moved to Baltimore to live with his daughter, he passed away well into his eighties.


The new owner of Moore’s has updated the shop but has kept the original name, in honor of Willie. The bottom picture is film, shot with a Yashica Electro rangefinder.

I will be adding more pictures of Ogden in the future. It is the most convenient and interesting place to photograph in the northern Utah area.



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