Dad’s Canon FT

My dad gave me a few of his old cameras. Non of them have been tested to see if they are in working condition for probably twenty or so years. But, I thought there is no better way to test a camera than to put a roll of film in and test it.

461570040002-2The results are varied. I made some mistakes with focusing and the camera seems to have a bad shutter. All of the shots are overexposed on the right side of the frame.


Even though the camera has some problems, it sows how much deeper SLR shots are than the rangefinder I have been using.





The colors of film and the depth of field of a SLR are hard to duplicate with digital. I have an old Canon TX. I haven’t shot a role of film through it since the ’90s but I think it is time to blow the dust off and see how well it works.



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