Slowing photography down

I recently watched an interview of Werner Herzog. To be honest, I have watched several interviews and lectures from Herzog; he is one of my favorite directors. He was discussing the modern theories of photography/directing/film-making. There is a tendency to take as many pictures as possible, because one will turn out and post production editing can take an average photograph and make it seem incredible, if you know what you are doing.

Herzog’s brief comment of “we are not the collectors of garbage” has stuck with me. Film has made me slow down and think about the shot before I take it.  I have not been able to make every shot into a usable photograph but my rate of good shots for every picture taken has gone up.

Changing from digital to film has also made it important to get to know my equipment. Both of the shots below were taken using a Yashica Electro 35 rangefinder. I like rangefinder cameras, especially the Electro. As you can see, it has a clear crisp lens and it is easy to use. However, the photographs turn out looking flatter than a common SLR because of the difference in depth of field.

Film has given me more to learn. My results keep getting better.


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